Individual Sessions


I encourage everybody to start an Individual Session with half an hour of Gibberish Meditation, to throw out the confusion and the worries of the mind.

The Healing process starts already with the Meditation and can go deeper during the Individual Session.

The benefits that you are receiving last much longer too.



Zen is an ancient spiritual discipline with a meditative approach to Life. He feels and sees Life as a great adventurous journey to awaken awareness and love in us.The Zen Tarot are not the traditional Tarot.They don't tell you about the past, they don't predict the future, but they constantly bring you back to the present moment, to the concreteness of your life without any judgment. In reading the first thing is to let yourself be guided in a pleasant relaxation, to listen to the messages of the Tarot from the open space of the heart. You, who can lead you to a new discovery, a new vision of your Being. You receive advice and suggestions that give your daily actions greater awareness, more courage, more kindness and more trust. And not only that, reading can expand you into a broader vision of your life, from which you can open yourself to new understandings to new and richer experiences.



"Relaxation has become a problem nowadays. Nobody is able to Relax now. Such a simple thing!! Even cats do it better than men. Observe a cat: he knows the secret of how to Relax and he has not read any Relaxation book .. No man could be a better teacher than the cat! "Osho
The Session begins with an active meditation technique to empty (in mind, let go of stress, tension and allow yourself to be more open to new energies that help you Relax deeply. Nothing to Do, no effort, just let yourself go to the voice. that guides you, inviting you to abandon yourself. And so slowly every single part of the body gives way down and relaxes, not as a duty, but as when you invite a friend to your home. with joy, naturally with pleasure. And so you experience that when you do not force, has no expectation, no desire, the Relaxation happens by itself and the body reveals its real needs of the moment. Only when you Relax, you can follow your feeling, what is right for you and what gives you joy and contentment.


A soft, gentle and deep touch from the heart,which helps
to release emotional blocks caused by unexpressed feelings, beliefs and tensions.
• The hands can also read the Chakra energies, to help you to bring clarity and understanding in your personal life, work and relationships.