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 Pritamo was born in Italy in 1945.

 She holds a doctorate degree in Literature. Her journey into healing started with meditations, yoga and bodywork in the early seventies. The meeting of the spiritual Master Osho changed totally the direction of her life. At Osho Multiversity in Poona, (India), she trained in Healing and Hypnosis, Holistic Massage, Prana Healing, Esoteric Science (Chakras exploration) and all the Osho Meditative Therapies. (Mistic Rose,Born Again,No Mind,Talking to your Mind and Body). She is a master in Osho Neo Reiki.

 She facilitates workshops on Laughter as a Meditative Theraphy, Past Lives Regression, Healing the Heart,Tantric Massage and Courses on Neo- Reiki and Self-Hypnosis and Meditation. She lived and worked nine years in Asia.

 She moved from Malaysia to Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan learning how to trust her intuition and the life support.. It ha been a very intense, rich, human experience to open the heart and meditate together with many people of different races, culture and religion.

 Since 2005 she is back to Italy.

In the last years she attended to Devageet,(Osho dentist)  Courses to deepen into  her self-healing process  and into meditation.